Animal Trials

Everyone is supposed to be equal before the law but in years gone by, this equality apparently extended to animals as well. It sounds farcical but the legal systems of the time took it very seriously. Read our article to find out how courtrooms became farmyards in the Middle Ages. If you were attacked and […]

Can Obesity be counted as a disability?

Obesity is a feature of today’s society, like it or not and will affect employers who find that members of their workforce fall into this group. But what should employers do to avoid accusations of discrimination against obese employees? Find out in our article. In certain circumstances, obesity can be treated as a disability, the […]

Posthumous Trials

You’d think that the law releases its hold on you when you die, but that hasn’t always been the case. Read our article to see just how strange the law became when dealing with justice (or the lack of it) after death. It might be thought that being dead places one beyond the reach of […]