Draco the Lawgiver

One of the most notorious figures in Greek history, he gave us the word ‘draconian’ and has acquired a reputation for inflexible legal judgments – but what was the story behind the name? Find out in our article. Over two and a half thousand years ago, Ancient Athens was a rough place to live. Its […]

How reasonable do reasonable adjustments have to be?

If an employee has a disability, the employer is usually expected to make reasonable adjustments for that. However, what if the disability is so unusual that the adjustments are no longer reasonable? Our article shows a case that highlights this issue and sets out recommendations for employers. Reasonable adjustments are part of the disability discrimination […]

What is an employee, and how does this affect the concept of discrimination?

Can an employer be held liable for discrimination if the complainant is not actually an employee of theirs? This article takes a look at a case that answered this question. What constitutes ‘employment’ for the purposes of bringing a case for discrimination? This is a question which the case of Halawi v WDFG t/a World […]

App Developer to join our team

rradar is a unique legal practice designed specifically to provide advice and representation to business clients from a broad spectrum of industry sectors and in a number of practice areas. We use the latest technology to bring the law to life for our rapidly growing client base, including insurers and insurance brokers in the UK. […]

Provision of information in TUPE cases

In cases of employee transfer, there are rules and regulations that govern the process. Do you know exactly what you need to do in order to achieve compliance? Our article looks at a case when things went wrong. How much information should the parties in a TUPE transfer provide and what might be the result […]