The evolution of language

Probably the most momentous invention the human race has ever made is something we all take for granted. Without it, we would still be walking the plains of Africa; we would be unable to know the feelings and thoughts of others and you would be unable to read this, just as I would be unable […]

Credit Control begins before you supply goods and services

Although many people consider that credit control is about chasing overdue debts, the real work begins long before that – at the point before the transaction begins. Find out how to ensure that you limit the risks and maintain a good trading relationship with your customers. Many articles cover what to do when another company […]

Tribunal fees and their effects

  The introduction of a fee scheme for claimants in Employment Tribunals has proved controversial. Find out more about how the scheme works and what the costs are in our article. Employment tribunals were set up by the Industrial Training Act 1964 and were funded by the taxpayer. However, in July 2013, the Government introduced […]

Taking live warnings into account when dismissing

Disciplinary action can be a complex matter and you need to be sure that you are following the rules or you can find yourself in legal difficulty. Our article shows what can happen and some guidance on how to avoid it. It would seem fair that somebody cannot have a judgement increased against them on […]

Tattoos in the workplace – a right to ink?

  Tattoos are now commonplace and many employees have them. However, what happens if an employer asks for them to be covered up or even uses them as a reason not to hire someone? Is your employment policy up to date with this development in HR? Our article tells you more. Given that tattoos are […]