Pre-employment health questions and the Equality Act

Many employers want to find out about the state of health of potential employees but there are limits to the questions that can be asked. Find out what they are and how not to fall foul of the law on this aspect of recruitment. Can employers ask a candidate questions about disabilities and health at […]

E-cigarettes and Smoking Policies

E-cigarettes have become a social phenomenon and were virtually unknown only a few years ago. Has your smoking policy been updated to take e-cigarettes into account? Our article outlines some of the issues involved. How up to date is your company smoking policy? Does it take account of the rise of electronic cigarettes? The phenomenon […]

TEDx at Pocklington

Earlier this year, we mentioned exciting developments in the pipeline and now we can announce one of those. We are hosting a TEDx conference event at Pocklington School on 28th May. The theme is the Evolution of technology education to industry What’s TEDx? TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences run under […]

Remote Working and the Employment Tribunal

Is somebody working in an overseas office governed by UK law? It would be wrong to assume that they are not. Read our article to find out about a case that touches on this issue and find out what the law says. It might be thought that a person working overseas isn’t covered by UK […]

When an employee doesn’t accept contract variations

  If you vary an employee’s contract and they don’t accept the changes, what can they do about it and how will it affect your business? Our article has the details on a legal case and its implications. The world of work is a fluid one, with changes in the status of both the employer […]