Future Learning

How will the world of learning change over the next twenty years or so? Given the current pace of change, the answer is ‘considerably’. Read our article to find out what the future of learning has in store for us and watch the presentation by Paul Ainsworth. The one thing we know about the future […]

Ideas for Mobile Success

What do you know about the effect that smartphone use has had on UK society and business? Are you prepared for the communication revolution that is sweeping the nation and looks likely to transform everybody’s lives in the next few years? Our article gives you the facts and figures. B2B Marketing in the smartphone age […]

Eric Hunter – The Sherlock Syndrome

Eric Hunter is the Director of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology Strategies at Bradford & Barthel, LLP and Executive Director of Spherical Models, LLC. Eric is integrating a social media, knowledge, big data and predictive collaboration environment within the firm and is constantly looking to leverage innovation solutions to enhance client service interaction while driving business […]

The law is changing on annual returns for registered companies

What do directors have to do when making returns to Companies House? The requirements have now changed and directors need to know what the law requires. Our article gives you the information you need. At present, directors of registered companies must send an annual return to Companies House once a year. The due date is […]

The ‘give to get’ philosophy for business

  A revolutionary idea for transforming the way that businesses work with each other. Moving from a standpoint of confrontation to one of reciprocal co-operation can pay dividends and Jacky Fitt will show you how this can be achieved. Call it reciprocity, call it payback, call it responding in kind – the urge to do […]