Trekfest – The Peaks

It’s summer and the rradar workforce is feeling fit and healthy! To show just how fit and healthy, members of staff will be embarking on Trekfest 2015, taking on the challenge of The Peaks. Eight members of the rradar team will be setting out on 5th September 2015, taking in the stunning scenery of one […]

Michael Gove’s Speech on the State of British Justice

Does the legal system need review and reform? Nobody is better placed to answer that than the man who has been given the post of Secretary of State for Justice, Michael Gove. Find out what his views on the future of the British legal system are in our article. Michael Gove, the new Justice Secretary […]

1815 and the Code Napoleon

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo saw historical analysis and speculation but one intriguing question – what would have happened to the law if Napoleon had won – went unanswered. Our article asks what might have become of the British legal system in the event of a French victory. Two hundred years ago […]

Social media marketing – what, where and when to post

Social media can be key for many businesses as a direct gateway to discuss business, further customer engagement and attract new customers. We have taken a small selection of well-known social media platforms and highlighted what, where and when to post. Each platform has its own virtues and unique audience demographic; it is crucial for […]


We take the protection of the legal system for granted, but there were individuals in years gone by who, by their actions, forfeited such protection and became outlaws. Find out the history of this aspect of law and discover the very recent example of the last outlaw. We’ve previously taken a look at some of […]