Equality Protection for Philosophical Beliefs

The law on discrimination against religious belief is well known but did you know that certain philosophical beliefs have the same protection? Find out what they are and how to determine their status in our article. Section 10 of the Equality Act 2010 makes harassment, victimisation and direct or indirect discrimination against a person based […]


Franchises are becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon and many people consider operating one. But are they right for everyone? Our article looks at the benefits and disadvantages of franchising, giving you a balanced view. What is a franchise? You may be shopping in one, eating in one or drinking coffee in one right now. Figures […]

Depression, Anxiety and Stress at work

  Some stress is good for us but if it gets too much, it can really affect our work and family life as well as our physical health. If your employees are suffering from stress, what steps can you take to ensure that your workplace becomes happier and healthier? Depression, anxiety and other related issues […]

Warnings in Bad Faith

If you are issuing warnings about employees’ behaviour, you need to know certain things about the way to do it properly – if you don’t comply with the law, you could be facing serious consequences. Find out what you need to know from our article. Whether they are verbal, written or final, warnings are usually […]

Home Working and Health & Safety

If you’re working from home, whether self-employed or as an employee, you need to be aware of certain health and safety requirements – as does your employer. Find out what you need to know in our article. More and more forward-thinking companies who want to reduce their fixed costs in terms of desk space and […]