Fluency in English and public sector jobs

Did you know that in order for a person to get a customer-facing job in the public service, they must now speak fluent English? What implications does this have for employers? Find out in our article. From September 2015, public sector jobs involving dealing directly with the public have been closed to applicants who do […]

Lack of awareness about the Bribery Act amongst SMEs

  The Bribery Act is a major piece of legislation that affects all businesses and yet many are unaware of its provisions. Our article looks at the statistics and shows how important an awareness of the Act is to companies. The Bribery Act 2010 – a flagship piece of legislation of which all businesses affected […]

Restrictions on carrying forward untaken leave

Many employers have restrictions on how much annual leave an employee can carry forward but in the event of a dispute about this, it is wise to consider what the law says. Our article will give you some guidelines on a recent case. Many employees assume that if they do not take their whole entitlement […]

Cyber Losses and Traditional Insurance Policies

  Having worked as an insurance broker for over thirty years, I know that most businesses are likely to have some sort of insurance cover in place covering risks such as: Loss or damage to own property; Business Interruption; Public Liability. Many policyholders believe that standard insurance policies such as these will cover them for […]

The Modern Slavery Act

New legislation has been introduced to ensure that companies don’t use workers who are victims of human trafficking in their supply chains. If you’re an organisation which might be affected by the new Act, read our article to find out the steps you need to take to stay compliant. What is the Modern Slavery Act? […]