Landlords and gas installations – what can go wrong and what to know

A landlord was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at Plymouth Magistrates Court following an investigation into a dangerous gas boiler installed in his property. Abdul Manik owned a number of flats but didn’t have gas safety certificates for any of them. In December 2014, a tenant at one of the flats called […]

The use of drones and the law

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or ‘Drones’ as they are generally better known, have expanded in recent years from an experimental military technology into a common household item which can be purchased in many high street retailers. Legally, they can weigh up to 20kg, and cost typically between £300 and £30,000. If not used commercially, no licence […]

Meet the Team – Brian Christensen

Welcome to the eleventh in our series of team interviews. Each month, we’ll be asking a member of our team to tell us more about them and their involvement with rradar. This month, it’s time to hear about our workflow developer, Brian Christensen. How and when did you first become involved with rradar? February of […]

Building trust within an organisation

A successful organisation is, at its very heart, a team that works together effectively and as with any team, regardless of size, one of the most important bonds that glues it together is trust. Achieve trust and any team will perform better, achieve more and succeed more often. Fail to build trust and any team […]

Cycling, Alcohol and a Legal Route Home

With the introduction of stricter drink drive legislation in 2014, the law is clear; even a pint or a glass of wine could put a driver in breach of the limit. If drivers don’t wish to risk criminal liability and the loss of their licence, they would be wise to take a taxi, an uber […]