Meet the Team – Richard Marshall

Welcome to the fifteenth in our series of team interviews. Each month, we’ll be asking a member of our team to tell us more about them and their involvement with rradar. This month, it’s time to hear about our admin assistant, Richard Marshall. How and when did you first become involved with rradar? I was […]

Reporting a Health and Safety Incident

  There’s been an accident or incident at your workplace. Thankfully, nobody was killed but as you watch your employee being carried off to hospital in an ambulance, what can you expect to happen next and what should you be doing to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law? Reporting a […]

Cyber farming

When you think of cybercrime, online crime, e-crime or i-crime, are your first thoughts the same as mine? A small band of hacking criminals in a dark room with lots of snacks and energy drinks, going after major banks and multinational corporations that are worth more than 50% of the world’s population? Or have I […]

Insurance and Technology

On my travels to a growing number of brokers who are selling the AXA MLP with rradar, one thing has struck me – the rapid increase in their use of technology to help them keep a competitive edge in the market place. This includes Skype, online quotes, live chat, drones and online videos. The use […]

The Enterprise Act and insurers

In the next month or so, a number of articles may well appear relating to the Enterprise Act 2016. This is because on 4th May 2017, this legislation comes into force and will have relevance to the insurance industry as Part 5 is concerned with late payment of insurance claims. As the law currently stands, […]