Agency Workers and Whistleblowing

A recent case at the Employment Appeal Tribunal has decided that someone can be classed as a whistleblower, with all the protections that attach thereto, even if they were not an employee of the company on whom they blew the whistle. The key legislation was sections 43K(1)(a) and (2)(a) Employment Rights Act 1996. 43 Extension […]

Persons with Significant Control Regime – Protecting Information

The Persons with Significant Control regime came into effect on 6th April 2016 so that from this date UK companies , Societates Europaeae (public companies registered in accordance with the corporate law of the EU), and limited liability partnerships are required to identify and record people who own or control their company. A Person with […]

Judicial mediation at work

What is Judicial Mediation? In 2006, the Judicial mediation scheme was introduced. It was intended as a less costly and faster alternative to a full Employment Tribunal hearing and is voluntary, non-binding (although see below) and confidential. When it was introduced, judicial mediation was free but as of 2013, there has been a £600 fee, […]

ACAS Marriage and Civil Partnership Guidance

In 2010, the Equality Act made marital status a protected characteristic, which meant that it was illegal to discriminate against somebody based on it. Since then, employees who experienced such discrimination have had the option to pursue a claim against their employer. However, for employers, it can be difficult to fully understand both their obligations […]

Debt Recovery Part 3

We have already looked at financing, factoring and invoice discounting, as well as mediation and court action when the sum involved is less than £25,000 and relatively straightforward, but what about if the sum involved is greater than £25,000 or is less than straightforward? In this instance, the multi-track system can be used. Typically, commencement […]