Implementing pay cuts

  There are occasions when a pay cut is the only thing that stands between a business and redundancies or even receivership. If an employer is in this situation, they need to make sure that they enact those cuts legally as there are specific things that need to be observed when doing so. Consent By […]

The difference between workplace stress and disability

  In recent years, the issue of stress in the workplace has become something of a hot topic, and it’s one that we have covered on several previous occasions. It has been accepted as a disability in several cases, as long as it has fitted the criteria laid down for a disability by the Equality […]

Chemical substances safety measures

  An engineering company has been sentenced for safety breaches after two of its workers were burned when they were sprayed with chemicals during chemical cleaning of a pipework system. What happened In July 2014, two employees of PSL Worldwide Projects Ltd were working at a Hyclone UK Ltd site in Cramlington. They were using […]

Dismissal and the right to work in the UK

  If your company employs foreign workers, you need to make sure that they have the right to work in the UK. If they don’t provide evidence for that right, regardless of how long they have actually lived here, what are your options? In the recent case of Baker v Abellio London Ltd, the employment […]

The History of Insurance – Part 4

In the last instalment, I explored Roman burial societies but we also know that the Romans practised bottomry – the practice of borrowing money using the ship itself (referring to the ship’s bottom or keel) as collateral. If the ship was lost during the course of the voyage then the creditor would lose on the […]