Dawn Raids Part 2

Last time, we discussed the preparations a company can take to limit the damage from a dawn raid. This time, we discuss what to do during the actual raid itself. DURING THE SEARCH Seizing hard copy documents or electronic data For some people, it is a natural reaction in such situations to want to hide […]

Minimum wage and Living Wage rates from April 2018

These are the rates for the minimum and living wages which will come into force from April 2018. Age Current hourly rate Hourly rate from April 2018 25 and over (National Living Wage) £7.50 £7.83 21-24 £7.05 £7.38 18-20 £5.60 £5.90 16-17 (who are not apprentices) £4.05 £4.20 Apprentices under 19, or aged over 19 […]

Employee Investigations

A few months ago, we covered the case of Tykocki v Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where the seriousness of the allegations made against the claimant meant that the employer’s limited investigations were insufficient to lead to a fair dismissal. With this case in mind, what steps can be taken by employers […]

Time Off for Training or Studying Part 1

If you’re an employer with 250 or more employees, you have a legal obligation to consider requests from employees who want to take time off to undertake study or training. The legislation, which was introduced in 2010, mirrors that which provides employees with the right to request flexible working. There is the obligation to seriously […]

Jersey Minimum Wage rates for 2018 announced

  New rates for the Minimum Wage in Jersey have been announced. They will come into force in April 2018. 1st April 2017 1st April 2018 Minimum wage (per hour) £7.18 £7.50 Trainee rate year 1 (per hour) £5.39 £5.63 Trainee rate year 2 (per hour) £6.28 £6.56 Maximum weekly offset against minimum wage for […]