Dawn Raids Part 1

For many organisations, the first intimation that they are under investigation is an unannounced visit by members of a regulatory agency, otherwise known as a dawn raid. The first few minutes of such a raid can be the most dangerous for the company. To reduce this danger as far as possible, the organisation’s employees, from […]

Absence without leave

What happens when an employee does not report for work and fails to follow your absence notification procedure? Such occasions can be disruptive to the business and action should always be taken. Generally, this would be dealt with informally in the first instance with a reminder of your absence reporting procedures. However, there may be […]

A win for Gary Gallen at the Viking FM Awards

rradar is proud to announce that its CEO Gary Gallen won Entrepreneur of the Year at the Viking FM Awards, presented on Friday 10th November at the KCOM Stadium, Hull. Gary’s unbridled energy, vision and ambition, combined with rradar’s unique approach to customer service and provision of legal advice to business made a big impression […]

Trench safety

Excavation is an important element of most, if not all, construction projects; from installing utilities to removing old foundations and laying new ones, digging trenches and pits is a task that can’t really be avoided. But there are methods that can be used to ensure that excavations can be carried out in a way that […]