Overhead power lines

Overhead power lines can be found in many places and usually, the pose little risk to people carrying out everyday work tasks. However, when those tasks involve moving objects of considerable height, the danger of coming into contact with the power line increases dramatically, together with the risk of extremely serious injuries or even death. […]

rradar wins at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2017

rradar is proud to announce that it has won the Law Firm (1-10 Partners) Award at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2017. The ceremony, which took place on 12th October at the New Dock Hall, Armouries Square in Leeds was attended by a large number of legal firms, many of whom are national names.   rradar […]

Union facility time regulations

Since April 1st, new regulations have been in place that govern the reporting of time taken by employees who are trade union officials. The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 implement section 13 of the Trade Union Act 2016. The regulations require that certain employers in the public sector publish details on the […]

Asbestos Health and Safety

The hazards of asbestos have long been common knowledge and there are strict regulations in place to ensure that anyone who is working with the material or involved in work where it might be present is protected. However, the consequences of breaking those regulations can be severe, both in terms of health risks for those […]

When does a notice of termination take effect?

Informing an employee that a decision has been taken to dismiss them is usually quite simple: if they are on the premises, they are told about the decision verbally, with a confirmation in writing handed to them there and then. But what if they are not physically present and the notice has to be posted […]