Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect for the new employee, but it is important to remember that there are several steps that employers need to take to ensure that the new member of staff fits in, both legally and socially. In a small business, the person who carried out the interview will […]

Mobile phones and driving for work

  Using handheld mobile phones while driving. WHY do people still do this? Reasons often given for using the mobile while driving: It is no different from listening to a passenger I can multi-task It is an important call It is no different from having the radio on H&S gone mad My job depends on […]

Travel delays and disciplinary matters

Traffic jams, cancelled trains, late-running buses… Whatever the cause, there’s no denying that travel to work can be a frustrating process and that’s just when employees arrive flustered but on time. What happens if those delays mean that staff members either arrive late or can’t get into work at all? How should employers handle this? […]

Appraisals Part 2

Last time, we looked at the ways in which an appraisal meeting can be prepared for, both by the employer and employee. Now we examine the conduct of the appraisal itself. The employer should carry out the appraisal as follows: Commencement • Clarify the time allocated. • Check that the employee has completed his/her preparation […]