Lift shaft maintenance – health and safety considerations

Although they are often very convenient and, when it comes to delivering heavy articles to upper floor properties, indispensable, lifts are nevertheless machines that operate in what can be very deep spaces indeed. It stands to reason that they have specific safety regulations which are designed to protect both those who use them and those […]

Scaffolding safety

It’s so much a part of our daily lives that we hardly give it a second thought when we see it, often dodging in and out of it and treating it as part of the landscape. What is it? Scaffolding. Although it looks solid enough as we walk past it, there are many safety regulations […]

rradar at Brand Yorkshire

Innovative and revolutionary law firm rradar will have a significant presence at Brand Yorkshire on Thursday 5th October. CEO Gary Gallen, winner of Entrepreneur of the Year at the Hull Daily Mail Business Awards 2016 will be delivering his thoughts about how to spot and manage risk in business, and the rradar team will also […]

rradar at Leeds Business Week

Multi-award winning law firm rradar will have a significant presence at Leeds Business Week on Wednesday 11th October. Denise Dowen, Andrew Cameron and Mark Smith will be delivering presentations on data protection and surveillance, and the disruptive power of technology in helping reduce legal costs. In addition, the rradar team will be taking an exhibition […]