Grace is the world’s first virtual legal assistant to be introduced by a specialist litigation law firm, designed to provide litigation training information direct to clients and support their employees.

We're going to break the law.

The law that says lawyers must speak legalese.

The law that says lawyers don't live in the real world.

The law that says lawyers can't share their knowledge for free.

The law that says complexity is the route to profit.

The law that says law is an enforcer and not an enabler.

The law that says charge by the minute instead of by the answer.

The law that says you can't, rather than you can.

The law that says a few words will never do.

The law that says there's one for the rich and another for the rest.

The law that says only lawyers can understand the law.

The law that says no-one can break these laws and succeed.

They can.

Gary Gallen Gary Gallen, CEO rradar
Welcome to rradar

Is your search giving you what you need?

Google search

When it comes to legal search does your engine give you a quick, specific answer?

When we have a burning legal question, the last thing we want is to go through pages of definitions, lengthy PDF documents, ads, blogs and articles from abroad with foreign laws that aren't applicable to the UK.

Straight from the specialists.

Grace is different. Grace is fast, specific and accurate, she means up to date convenience that you can carry in your pocket. Daily.


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