The law affects every aspect of your business, whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, a limited liability partnership, an unlimited association or you own or manage a limited liability company. You need to be aware of your legal duties and responsibilities when, for example, you:

  • set up a business;
  • enter into contracts for the sale and/or purchase of goods and services;
  • expand your business by making acquisitions;
  • manufacture goods;
  • market and sell your goods and services; and
  • compete in your market.

Most businesses do not engage with solicitors or legal advisors until something goes wrong. If this is your approach then you could be missing an opportunity!

Being proactive with compliance and regularly reviewing your trading relationships could improve your competitiveness, increase profits and reduce business risk. Don’t wait for something to go wrong.

Prevention is better than cure!

rradar’s corporate and commercial team deals proactively with a wide range of business services including compliance, managing trading relationships and business growth. Of course, we are ready to help you if you have an issue but also, and importantly, we can work with you to add value to your business in many ways, including:

  • freeing up management time (e.g. from handling disputes and issues);
  • helping managers make better decisions;
  • anticipating changes in the legal environment and implementing organisational changes in a timely manner;
  • competing effectively in the market;
  • informing and empowering your employees;
  • improving the reputation of your business;
  • engaging with regulators;
  • avoiding legal issues arising;
  • saving costs (e.g. of litigation and investigations by regulators); and
  • managing and reducing business risk.

Our solicitors and specialists are experienced in running businesses and you can speak directly to them. They will not cite the law at you, but will provide pragmatic advice that fits with your business’ strategy and aims.

Your business is unique and we will take the time to learn about it, as well as your aspirations, so that our advice will always be specific to you and achievable. We also provide “after-advice” care. This means that we will help you understand the advice! We can also assist with the design and implementation of any consequential organisation or process change, including training and guidance.

As part of our support, we provide the following services: