Unannounced visits from the police, the Local Authority, the Health and Safety Executive or the Environment Agency can and do happen on a daily basis. These authorities have wide powers and it is vital that as a business, you have access to immediate legal advice to ensure you are properly advised and your rights protected.

In our Business Crime and Regulatory team, you will find lawyers with expert knowledge in these fields, including experienced defence lawyers and former prosecutors. There is also access to expert tax advisors should HMRC show an interest in your company.

Our team can advise at all stages of a case, from the first visit by a regulator, through any investigation that may follow to court proceedings, should they occur, where we will represent you and robustly defend and present your case.

We have excellent links to specialist barristers and your location will not be a problem. Our coverage is UK-wide. As a business, you can rest assured that if you find yourself involved with any regulator, help is immediately on hand.

The areas in which we can provide guidance and assistance include:

  • Establishing the status of companies and individuals involved in complex fraud investigations as either targets, subjects or witnesses
  • Representation of those due to attend interviews under caution or interviews under compulsion
  • Managing the reputational risks arising from a regulatory investigation or prosecution
  • Working with companies in order to determine, review and improve their internal compliance procedures
  • Gathering the necessary information required by the regulator, or the preparation of detailed written submissions.
  • Assisting companies in making voluntary disclosures to the regulators (self-reporting)
  • Conducting corporate internal investigations into allegations of misconduct