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Intellectual Property Clearance Searches Package

When launching a new brand or product line, it is imperative that you know that your brand name is free for you to use. Simplify the process of a strategic clearance search to enable you to assess the risk in proceeding with your chosen name before you take the next steps in growing your business.

Have you ever thought about the value of your intellectual property?

Intellectual property affects businesses of all sizes, from small owner-managed to mid-size SMEs and the largest global enterprises, because it involves the ownership of work you have created – from brands, logos, and designs, to inventions, software, and other creative work – which makes it very valuable.

It is important to protect your intellectual property rights to help you harness its value in your business, and avoid infringing the rights of other intellectual property owners when it comes to using your copyright, trade marks, patents and design rights.

Clearance searches can simplify this process – and prove a vital step before you take the next steps in growing your business.

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Why clearance searches are a vital ingredient for growth

Before launching a fresh business venture, investing in a new product line, or contemplating a rebranding initiative, we recommend that businesses undertake a trade mark clearance search, also known as a ‘freedom to operate’ search – to check that the new company name/product name or brand is not already in use.

How can we help?

We can run your full clearance search process from start to finish – costs for trade mark clearance searches start from as little as £640.

With this service, you get:

  • Trade mark checks (in one or more jurisdictions, or areas)
  • A full explanatory, risk-based report that flags up potential issues you could face when using a new trade mark
  • Expert advice and support from a specialist Intellectual Property lawyer

With this information, you can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with using a new brand or trade mark before you are fully invested. This means that your time, energy and money used to create your new venture does not go to waste.

If you do go ahead with the new trade mark, we can support you in how to register it with the UK Intellectual Property Office before you launch and go to market with it – protecting your IP and its value for your business.

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