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Clubs, Societies and Membership Associations

Providing industry specific guidance, tools and support to a wide-ranging sector that faces its own set of specific and unique issues.

If you run a club, society or association you will know the surprising amount of risk and legal issues you can come up against.

We have helped many different groups, from social / charitable clubs, educational / care groups to exercise /sports clubs, residential property associations and more.

Each has their own specific and common risk and legal obligations that need thought and care to manage. Not dealing with complaints from your members or staff correctly, or handling contractual disputes or health and safety /maintenance issues in the right way can lead to personal liability for you and your committee and club.

That is where we can help with across-the-board legal and risk knowledge and specialist subject matter expertise. We have unique tools and services that cover the basic needs of clubs and associations, and the specialist expertise to aid you with industry-specific issues.

How we can help

We are well versed in helping clubs and associations like yours manage legislation and risk. This includes:

  • Establishing best practices to protect your members, customers and employees
  • Standardising legally required processes and policies including reviews of the association’s current documents
  • Support with health and safety issues
  • Drafting terms and conditions, volunteer or employment contracts, committee members
  • Help with dealing with committee or membership disputes
  • Advice and support on settling membership disputes
  • Introducing best practice procedures to reduce employee issues
  • Support handling claims such as unfair dismissals, harassment and discrimination
  • Regulatory investigations, commercial disputes and defence of prosecutions
  • Defending against disqualification for allegations of a wrongful act, official investigations (including HMRC) and crisis management
  • Reputation management and support including defamation claims
  • Help with information sharing and assistance with third party fraud and forgery – for example, email scams, cyber security and data protection including UK GDPR
  • Aid with updating committee and membership communications
  • Support in handling disputes around leases/sales
  • Guidance in respect of regulatory and safeguarding requirements
  • Representation at Coroner’s Court inquests
  • Assistance with RIDDOR reporting
  • Guidance on self-reporting to your regulator

Some of the services described on the website may not be available in all jurisdictions. 

The tools you need to succeed

Discover our range of tools and services designed to help you navigate risk, achieve your goals and minimise any harm to your business.

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Whether you are looking to strengthen your processes, navigate risk roadblocks or protect your business from harm, our team is armed with the guidance and tools you need to be by your side and make your business unstoppable.