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Commercial Disputes

Whether you have a contractual dispute, facing a claim against you in relation to your property or have credit control problems – navigate issues and keep your business secure with the right tools and guidance for the job.

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Minimising harm to you and your business

Disagreements in business are unavoidable. But when it comes to engaging with other businesses, perhaps for the supply of goods or services, there is plenty we can put in place to help you to avoid disputes on quality, conformance and performance.

We give you all you need to stay compliant and confident. Our proactive support includes training sessions, consultancy guidance on processes and strategies that can benefit your leadership team and build awareness in your workforce, helping you to manage and resolve disputes before things escalate.

We have also designed a range of digital products to support you in the day to day running of your business. Download solicitor approved templates from our online knowledge library rradarstation, or get instant legal support from our intelligent legal assistant rradargrace.

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Navigating disputes and litigation

Disputes can be costly and complicated to resolve without proper legal advice and support. Whether it is between contracting parties, landlords, tenants, directors, shareholders or others you do business with and whether it relates to unpaid bills, contract terms, lease arrangements, or defective products, our commercial disputes team works with you to understand the nature of the issue you face and helps you plot the smoothest and most economic path to resolving your disputes quickly and easily.

With you at every step

If you do end up in court, you can rest easy with the experience of our legal experts right beside you. We have the skills and know-how to both defend and pursue legal claims, plus, we will get your business back on track as soon as possible by minimising the effect of any dispute or legal action.

We help take the stress out of litigation by fully preparing you with jargon-free, clear and accessible advice.

Our solicitors and specialists’ extensive experience includes:

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – finding ways of resolving disputes before they ever get to court
  • Dealing with matters in all courts and in specialist areas (property, construction for example)
  • Dealing with claims whatever stage they are at
  • Taking cases all the way to trial if necessary should it be that if you are unable to reach a resolution
  • Advising organisations in every area of business operation. They offer the support, knowledge and tools to confidently navigate risk and make your businesses unstoppable.

Need advice? Speak to our experts

Whether you are looking to strengthen your processes, navigate risk roadblocks or protect your business from harm, our team is armed with the guidance and tools you need to be by your side and make your business unstoppable.