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Our Story

A journey that began in 2012, in pursuit of changing the way businesses see law and risk. Dedicated to helping them become unstoppable. This is the rradar story.

Gary Gallen CEO and founder of rradar sat smiling and listening

A force for good business

During his time as a highly sought-after defence lawyer, rradar founder Gary Gallen spotted recurring patterns affecting his clients. After encountering regulators or enforcement agencies, he would need to advise and help them out of dilemmas that, with hindsight, were often easily preventable – had they been empowered with the right legal knowledge to proactively protect their businesses.  

Convinced there must be a better way, in 2012, Gary launched rradar. 

His vision was founded on education as a means for the prevention of risk and legal crises, helping clients and their businesses to manage and proactively reduce risk before problems happen.  

He worked for two years from a conservatory with no income before the first green shoots of success appeared – but it never shook Gary’s resolve – and in the 10 years to follow, rradar would establish itself as a positive force inspiring safe, strong businesses.  


Changing things for the better

By fusing first-class legal advice and representation with the latest technology to deliver a preventative, education-led strategy that makes the law more accessible and affordable to clients, Gary’s vision remains at rradar’s core today.  

The rradar purpose is meaningful and entirely driven by a desire to change things for the better. We want to give people the freedom to run their businesses without risk holding them back and stopping them achieving what they want to achieve. 

Our journey so far

  • 2011-2012

    rradar is founded. A legal enterprise was born in rradar, founded by Gary Gallen, one of the UK’s leading criminal and regulatory solicitors. Gary was convinced that there was a better way to deliver legal services – and he made it happen. Building a team, first recruits, re-mortgage, and life savings, overcoming adversity. Risk, sweat and determination to make his vision a reality.

  • 2013

    rradar starts pioneering the delivery of legal services through digital platforms, which would grow to become rradarstation - the Online Knowledge Library that supports clients with thousands of legally-verified articles, guides, and templates that help them prevent and manage risk.

  • 2014

    A major insurance partnership is secured, enabling the global launch of rradar’s products and services. AXA Management Liability Policy launched with rradar embedded as key risk management and legal services partner.

  • 2015

    Expansion and acceleration of technology capability and capacity. Development of two new digital products begins, with rradargrace and rradarreport.

  • 2016

    Two new rradar offices open, taking rradar to Glasgow and Leeds. Growth in customer numbers and growth of business continues.

  • 2017-2018

    rradar opens its new HQ With more than 100 employees, the new flagship office in Hull opens to accommodate more people, support more clients, and launch new products and services. Leeds team moves into the iconic Platform building to accommodate its growth.

  • 2019

    rradar continues to expand, a new office in Birmingham is opened. Acquisition of a cyber business to enhance rradar’s capabilities in this growing area. Two new products launch – Whistlebox and rradarreport.

  • 2020

    The year when rradar continued to support clients through unprecedented times – with huge demand, rradar was there for businesses when they needed it most with on-demand advice in a changing landscape.

  • 2021

    rradar continues to support a growing community of clients, finding new ways to reach them remotely by further investing in webinars, e-learning and new technology platforms. Development of rradarrisk begins.

  • 2022-2023

    Launch of rradarisk. The Leicester office was opened as rradar’s fifth location. The Forum of Private Business also joins the rradar family, through an acquisition that offers clients greater access to legal services and digital products.

  • 2024

    The future is bright for rradar as it continues in its journey to support businesses to prevent, manage and fix the issues they face with new products, specialisms, and skillsets – powered by a growing team and expanding network of locations.