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Expert support through every aspect of tax liabilities, HMRC investigations, payroll and benefits. Plus unique tools and services to help you get ahead of problems before they happen.

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Added value tax services

Navigating tax can be complex, but our experts help make things simpler. We have all the knowledge and tools to keep you on track. This includes practical advice on UK tax and payroll, plus a wide range of proactive tax support, training and consultancy services led by a former HMRC senior inspector, with over 30 years of industry specialist knowledge.

Get support with your tax liabilities and streamline your tax management systems. We can help to make sure your employees’ work status checks and tax contributions meet legal requirements, resolve tax positions and implement cost-efficient processes.

Tax investigation support

Being subject to a HMRC investigation can be a really stressful experience. Investigations can vary from relatively small interventions like VAT inspections to large scale Code of Practice 8 and 9 fraud enquiries. We can take the strain of these enquiries and use our expert knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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Get ahead of problems

Dealing with tax can be costly and confusing, but not with our proactive approach to regulatory compliance. With the extensive knowledge we have about what the tax authorities are looking for, and our unique services and tools, designed to make understanding tax easy, we can make sure that your business stays compliant in a cost-effective way through:

  • High-quality advice across many industry sectors
  • 30-minute consultations with next-step recommendations
  • Practical knowledge backed by industry experience
  • Guidance, checklists and templates from our online knowledge library rradarstation
  • Online and face-to-face training to upskill gaps in your team’s knowledge and improve their technical skills and commercial understanding of tax rules
  • Case studies providing real business solutions

Take a proactive approach to tax

Some of our most popular proactive support and solutions include:

  • Tax Health Check – We can complete an in-depth review to identify and minimise any issues in your tax compliance and develop solutions to minimise potential tax exposures and risks.
  • Tax Dispute Resolution Advice – With our training, you and your team can learn the various tax dispute techniques to use when dealing with HMRC enquiries. By applying different negotiating skills and settlement strategies, you can aim for better outcomes.
  • Risk Rating – If you own a larger business, our complete review can lower your business risk rating and avoid unwanted attention from HMRC.

Need advice? Speak to our experts

Whether you are looking to strengthen your processes, navigate risk roadblocks or protect your business from harm, our team is armed with the guidance and tools you need to be by your side and make your business unstoppable.