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Whistleblowing Subscription

Whistlebox is rradar’s whistleblowing service that shields your business from reputational damage and other risks and creates a safe space for whistleblowers to raise concerns. 

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Uncovering issues in your business

It may not always be possible to have full oversight of the issues unfolding within your business, especially when running multiple offices and sites, or when managing a hybrid workspace.

And your employees may not have the confidence to bring issues to your attention or have faith that they will be protected if they do.

Having a dedicated whistleblowing solution can help your business overcome these challenges and manage the risk they present.

A one-stop whistleblowing solution

That is why our team created whistlebox – a unique 24/7 whistleblowing service that creates a safe space for employees to raise concerns and shields your business from reputational damage.

It comes with either a detailed review of an existing whistleblowing policy with a recommendations/suggested amendments report or a template – allowing you to act on any issues within your business before they get you into trouble.

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A legal team by your side

All reports are reviewed by our qualified and experienced legal professionals within a day, with immediate next steps legal advice.

A whistlebox internal communications pack that will help your business effectively communicate the whistlebox services to your staff.

Ready to buy?

Be confident that your organisation is operating safely and legally, and that your employees can confidently report any issues they witness – keeping your business compliant and minimising harm.

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