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Giving you the tools you need to succeed

We make it effortless for businesses to access the information they need to prevent and manage risk using innovative digital products.

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Avoid preventable problems and keep your business strong

We make it simple to keep the foundations of your business strong. Using rradar’s digital products, you can keep your business informed, compliant and resilient – whatever comes your way. 

Discover the unique digital tools that will help you make everyday risk easier to manage – whether that be through rradarstation, our online knowledge library that gives businesses access to information that is written and verified by legal professionals 24 hours a day, or rradargrace – our intelligent legal assistant that uses voice commands and natural language search terms to provide answers and related articles, templates and guides to give you legally-verified information while on the go.  

We can also help you simplify and mitigate the risks associated with incident reporting and whistleblowing, and our digital debt recovery product makes it easier for businesses to manage and recover debts, having the full backing of specialist legal experts.  

Our legal and risk management digital tools and services are with you 24/7, empowering you and your business to proactively manage everyday risk. 

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