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About Us

rradar is a legal enterprise dedicated to helping businesses navigate business risk. We provide clients with the knowledge and tools they need to avoid and overcome risks, so they can take their businesses wherever they want them to go.

rradar solicitor Nkolika Oraka speaking to client giving legal advice

Making our vision a reality

rradar was born from a vision. A vision of a world where businesses could have access to verified and accurate legal guidance, 24/7, so they have the knowledge and tools they need to prevent problems, navigate risks and take their business further – all with the confidence of having a mighty legal team by their side should they need it.

And, this is exactly what rradar’s unique, world-first model offers its clients today. We are defining a new space in the legal industry – one where clients feel empowered to take their businesses where they want them to go, without the fear of risk holding them back. Where they have the knowledge and education they need to confidently identify risks, so they can proactively manage them before they become a problems. All with the reassurance of having a dedicated legal and risk management partner by their side to help them do it.

Today we have rapidly expanded across the breadth of the UK, with over 180 experts helping businesses to succeed everyday through our wide range of digital products, one of a kind solutions and expert guidance. We are continuously driving new ideas and solutions to expand the depth and breadth of our service offering to help make businesses unstoppable and to make our vision of being a positive force that inspires safe, strong businesses, a reality.

Our Story

How we do it

We make it effortless for our clients to confidently navigate risk through our integrated and holistic solution to risk management. Our unique model is designed to support our clients with any issues, no matter how big or small. From simple proactive advice and tools to make the everyday management of your business easier to full legal representation and reputation management in the event of a crisis.

And no matter what point you join rradar, we will continue to be there for you long after your issue has been resolved. We will continue to work with you to make your business unstoppable by:

Keeping your business compliant

From policies and templates, to advice and education, tools and training, we give you everything you need for you and your employees to be compliant and protected in an ever-changing legal landscape. 

Helping you achieve your goals

We support you and your business to identify and manage risk roadblocks that get in your way. We will be your partner to make sure nothing stops you from taking your business where you want it to be. 

Minimising harm to your business

If things go wrong, we are with you. An experienced legal force by your side to work through problems as they arise and prevent reoccurrence – with crisis support and an unmatched focus on reputation management. 

Our clients and partners

We are proud to support over 125,000 businesses of all sizes, operating in almost every sector, to navigate risk and be unstoppable. We are always in pursuit of finding new ways to enhance and expand our service to our clients. We build relationships and  partner with like-minded people and organisations who share our vision, working together to deliver quality services and support for our clients.

Clients and Partners

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We are a smart multi-disciplinary team with the imagination and drive to do things differently – whether you need support for your business, are interested in partnering or working with us. Gain the freedom to explore ideas, push boundaries and make things happen.

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