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Intellectual Property Audit Report Service

Being aware of and managing your intellectual property assets.

Our strategic audit report service

As a business, your intellectual property is one of your most important assets. And yet, it is often overlooked.

If you have not got full awareness of your assets as an organisation, you will not be able to manage them in the best way to prevent your IP from being infringed and you will not be able to properly harness their value.

This can cause financial and reputational harm to your business, which is why a proactive approach is a good idea – and something you should consider repeating on a regular basis. A strategic audit report is designed to help a business identify and maximise that value and minimise the risk associated with its IP assets.

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The strategic audit report will help you

  • Identify what you own in terms of registered and unregistered rights (and provide you with advice about what should be registered in the event that unregistered rights are identified and are capable of registration).
  • Help you to develop a strategy to keep an accurate record of what you own and the evidence to demonstrate that you own it.
  • Assess whether any of your competitors (identified by you) in the marketplace in which you operate are infringing your rights (whether registered or unregistered).
  • Educate you (and your staff if you wish) as to what IP rights are, how to gain protection and what to do with them once protected.

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