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Construction can be a dangerous business, and the law is there to control that danger. Compliance is key and expert guidance can protect against risk.

Construction worker

Construction businesses of all sizes face similar problems – project challenges that need clear and effective legal, health and safety, procurement, contractual, employment, environmental compliance and expertise.

We are here to offer our team’s knowledge and expert advice and support to our Constuction sector clients be they nationwide developers, contractors, sub-contractors, regional builders, surveyors, architects, engineers or sector suppliers.   

The wide variety of risks, laws and regulations can make it difficult to keep up to date with legislation changes and remain compliant. With our knowledge of the sector, and at reducing commercial risk, we have the tools you need to succeed.

How we can help

We help with and protect all aspects of your construction business with professional advice, unique tools and services. This includes:

  • Stay legally compliant and defend against regulatory action with the proactive creation of work policies and procedures with the help of our online knowledge library rradarstation and intelligent legal assistant rradargrace
  • Speak to us for expert legal advice on drafting policies, procedures, documentation, contracts and agreements
  • Keep your business, your people and yourself safe by identifying your risks with our risk audit tool rradarrisk
  • In the event of a crisis, get urgent legal advice to protect your position outside our normal office hours using our 24/7 Emergency Crisis Line
  • Access expertise when selling businesses through mergers and acquisitions
  • Resolve disputes over land ownership and access, including dealing with trespassers
  • Recovery unpaid invoices and manage debts owed to you with our debt recovery platform rradarrecover
  • Receive proactive advice on health and safety, risk audits and reviews through our consultancy service
  • Utilise employment law expertise on everything from performance management and training, to tribunal claims and disciplinary issues
  • Get advice and representation in relation to construction disputes including adjudications
  • Assistance with RIDDOR reporting
  • Representation at Coroner’s Court inquests

Some of the services described on the website may not be available in all jurisdictions. 

Strengthen your business against breaches

Construction businesses found guilty of breaches can face significant fines and penalties.

Most breaches now carry fines that are potentially unlimited, subject to guidelines.

Courts in line with sentencing guidelines often impose large fines , even where no harm has occurred, but the risk of harm was significant. For example, companies have been fined after potentially explosive gas leaked from a rigging platform.

Workplace injuries and fatalities are an unfortunate reality facing many construction firms and Directors can find themselves being personally investigated and prosecuted. Combined with increasing environmental concerns, contractual disputes being commonplace and an unlimited personal financial liability as a Director or Officer.

Key Exposures include:

  • Corporate manslaughter prosecutions
  • Health and Safety investigations and enforcement action
  • Contractual disputes
  • Environmental investigations and enforcement action

The tools you need to succeed

Our team of experienced health and safety experts is here to guide and advise you on how to reduce risk and can carry out full audit reviews of your health and safety documents, identify potential legal issues, and be a first port of call for all your risk management and legal concerns. Plus, our unique educational tools and services can help prevent issues and help you navigate a crisis should the worst happen.

Need advice? Speak to our experts

Whether you are looking to strengthen your processes, navigate risk roadblocks or protect your business from harm, our team is armed with the guidance and tools you need to be by your side and make your business unstoppable.