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Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeships

Designed to provide law graduates (or those with a Graduate Diploma in law) with a unique and enriching opportunity to combine academic learning with practical, hands-on experience within our legal teams.

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Our programme

Our Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme is the appropriate route for any interested candidates who have obtained a 2:1 Degree in Law or a 2:1 degree in any subject followed by a pass of the Graduate Diploma in law.

Successful candidates will undertake a period of 2 years Qualifying Work Experience with rradar, during which time you will undertake your SQE1 and SQE2 course and exams.

You will be working with our legal teams alongside their learning, with an 80/20 split between work and learning. Our Solicitor Apprentices will form part of our Trainee cohort and join in seat rotation alongside rradar’s Trainee Solicitors.

Our apprenticeship programme blends academic studies with on-the-job training, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded education for future solicitors.

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Partnered with leaders in legal education

We have partnered with Damar Training to implement their short form Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship. This is an 18-month programme through which our Solicitor Apprentices will undertake the Solicitors Qualification Exams (‘SQE’) – undertaking learning and exams to complete SQE1 and SQE2. The legal education is provided through a platform established by BARBRI, a global leader in vocational legal education.

A team by your side

Throughout the 2 years, all Solicitor Apprentices will be supported in their personal and professional development by rradar’s Training Principal, Head of Learning and Development and our team of Legal Managers and Supervisors across the legal departments. Each Apprentice will also be assigned a dedicated mentor within the firm along with a Learning Coach from Damar, offering guidance and support throughout their apprenticeship journey.

The programme is structured to facilitate continuous professional development, allowing apprentices to grow both personally and within their legal careers. By investing in the education and development of our future solicitors, we contribute to the growth and success of our firm.

The apprenticeship programme enhances our commitment to diversity and inclusion by providing access to legal education and career opportunities to a broader range of individuals.

Culture and Values
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Our supportive culture

At rradar, we prioritise the holistic development and well-being of our apprentices, recognising that their journey with us goes beyond professional growth. We are committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment that values the personal and mental well-being of each individual. Our comprehensive training programmes are designed not only to impart legal expertise but also to ensure a healthy work-life balance. We provide access to mentorship, counselling, and resources that empower our Apprentices to thrive both personally and professionally. By investing in their well-being, we aim to cultivate a resilient and fulfilled legal community that contributes to the overall success of rradar.

Ready to join us?

You have read this far. You know about us. Now it is time to let us know about you. As aspiring lawyers, you will need a 2:1 Degree in Law or a 2:1 degree in any subject followed by a pass of the Graduate Diploma in law. We recruit our Graduate Solicitor Apprentices for a September entry date. Applications are currently closed but please check back here and on our socials for updates. You can also keep an eye out for opportunities on our current vacancies page.

Current Vacancies