Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week coincides with the launch of our new internal learning platform ‘rradar Academy’ which is a key step in realising our broader Learning and Development strategy. Our new learning platform has been created with a ‘Whole Person’ approach in mind. Our aim when developing this platform was to provide a broad range of learning content, activities and tools that provide insight into the inner workings of our business, support career planning and skills development and also provide support for the challenges that our people may encounter outside the workplace.  

Here at rradar, we are proud to do things differently. We know our success is reliant on our people, their skills, knowledge and behaviours. We aim to put our people in the driving seat when it comes to their learning journey. We recognise that everyone’s aspirations and skills are different, and we believe in meeting them where they are  and creating an individualised approach that enables them to chart their own path.  

Our new learning platform supports our ethos of “there when you need us”, with a broad range of content in different learning formats that can be consumed as and when needed and flexible enough that even if you only have a minute, you can still pick up a handy tip that elevates your performance.  

During Learning at Work week, we will be focused on promoting our new learning platform and encouraging all our people to spend some time focusing on themselves and their learning.  

We are proud to be doing things differently and changing the industry for the better, giving businesses the knowledge and confidence to prevent problems before they start. Want to join the rradar team? Check out or current vacancies here or contact us to learn more.