2024 UK Content Awards

The Content team is at the heart of rradar’s business model. Our content designers take complex legal knowledge and translate it into easy-to-understand language, so our clients have all the information they need to take their businesses wherever they want them to go.

We combine content design skills and legal knowledge to provide a holistic solution for customers. Most law firms get involved when something goes wrong, but by giving customers access to digital tools and content, we can stop problems happening in the first place.

We are thrilled that rradar’s innovation is being recognised at the 2024 UK Content Awards. The Content team is a finalist in 4 categories.

Best platform/technology tool for content

Shortlisted in recognition of our suite of innovative digital products, including:

  • an online knowledge library (called rradarstation) – a fully searchable library with over 1,000 legally verified articles and templates
  • a risk audit tool – a tool that creates a unique profile of a client’s business through a detailed questionnaire, then highlights issues and risks and proactive next steps to resolve them
  • an intelligent legal assistant – app-based support for businesses that uses predictive text and voice recognition to answer legal queries

All rradar’s digital products were built in-house as a proprietary technology stack, and our content, advice and services are delivered by employed experts rather than outsourced third parties. This means our innovative business model cannot be easily replicated by another business.

The wider legal sector is trying to catch up to us. However, this sector has historically been slow to adopt technology and is heavily reliant on fee structures that depend on reactive support when a client is already in trouble. As such, rradar’s model remains highly innovative – no competitor has yet achieved rradar’s unique blend of proactive offerings.

Best content series for our HR content

HR is always a hot topic for our customers, and in April 2024 there were a lot of changes to employment law. We are shortlisted in recognition of our content series, designed to support customers through these changes, which included:

  • producing articles, downloadable templates and guides, published on rradarstation
  • providing customers with access to a risk audit tool, which is a tool that identifies the risks to businesses and suggests how to minimise problems before they happen
  • making PDF guides in the employee lifecycle available

HR content at rradar is focused on outcomes for the customer. We deliver value for money. If a customer has engaged with rradar’s digital tools, they pay a lower excess if they need to make a claim on their policy.

Collaborative content campaign of the year for cyber content

AXA Insurance launched a new cyber insurance policy in March 2024 for which rradar was the legal services partner. The Content team’s objective was to create engaging content packed with practical, relevant, jargon-free knowledge and advice that would sit within a range of online digital tools designed by rradar’s team.

Collaboration was crucial to the success of this policy. We drew on the expertise of cyber experts in the business and gathered data on typical cyber incidents and financial losses to produce 33 cyber-specific articles,15 downloadable templates and 4 eLearning modules.

The Content team also acted as consultants for other teams as they worked on their parts of the product, and has been shortlisted for their work in:

  • applying content design principles to forms designed to collect customer information. We also tested the functionality of those forms
  • re-writing data collection forms, marketing materials and emails so they reflected digital best practice. We made sure they were written in plain English with clear calls to action

In-house content team of the year

The Content team is responsible for the content across all rradar’s digital products. Shortlisted for the  significant achievements we have made this year, including:

  • overseeing a 46% increase in clicks on rradarstation
  • developing content for new insurance products whilst maintaining the accuracy and quality of existing content
  • creating a new taxonomy for rradarstation and improved customer journeys based on search term data and customer insights
  • creating digital HR mini guides. Previously these guides were printed. The digital format saved over 200,000 pages of print which equates to over 12,000 kilogrammes of carbon, lowering our carbon footprint
  • in support of marketing campaigns, creating quarterly legal updates and other materials that helped to maintain an average open rate that is consistently well above the industry average

Speaking about the awards, Kate Gilliford, Head of Content at rradar “The content team was established less than 3 years ago, so this is the first time the team has put itself forward for any awards. Winning on the big night would be a first for rradar as well. The company has won many awards in recognition of the excellent legal skills in the business, but this is the first chance we have had to celebrate the content and digital tools rradar offers.

I am proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. I hope being a finalist at the UK Content Awards is the first of many successes.”

To find out more about the UK Content Award and view the 2024 shortlist, visit https://ukcontentawards.com/2024-shortlist/

For more information about rradar’s innovative digital technologies, visit our expertise page here.