Risk assessment

You must do an individual risk assessment for new and expectant mothers. They can’t be included in your general risk assessment.

You should involve the employee in the risk assessment process and tell them of the findings. You should review the risk assessment as their pregnancy progresses to see if any further adjustments are needed.

You need to pay particular attention to the following when completing a risk assessment:

  • biological and chemical agents, radiation and other hazardous substances
  • noise in the workplace
  • whether the employee does any manual handling or working from height
  • whether the employee works shifts, at night or alone
  • the employee’s workstation
  • hot and cold environments
  • COVID-19
  • the possibility that the employee may experience increased fatigue or other pregnancy-related symptoms
  • any medical advice from the employee’s GP, midwife or other health professional

Please note this list is not exhaustive. The risks pregnant employees face will vary from one workplace to the next.